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Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems by Ultra Clean

Are you looking for a faster, more cost-effective ultrasonic cleaner? At Ultra Clean Systems, Inc., our ultrasonic cleaning machines are unparalleled. We have more than 20 years of experience working hard to provide the most innovative, versatile, timesaving, and energy-efficient ultrasonic washers in the medical industry. The titanium rod transducer (TRT) technology uses less energy and cleans ultrasonic instruments faster than standard ultrasonics.

Our ultrasonic cleaners are designed to remove fine debris bioburden from lumen instruments after one cleaning cycle.

They use internal irrigation, powerful triple-enzyme cleaners, ultrasonic cavitation, unique manifold connection trays, and instrument adapters to penetrate fine lumen and da Vinci® robotic instruments and remove organic matter, such as tissue, blood, and mucous, from them.

Our ultrasonic systems are designed to accommodate all sterile processing needs, from small facilities to high-throughput trauma centers. We provide a comprehensive range of ultrasonic cleaning systems to fit any departmental need and budget.

Triton 72 and Triton 36 ultrasonic cleaning systems

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Benefits of TRT Technology

Technology is advancing at an amazing pace, and those advances are most critical in the medical field. Having equipment providing the latest technology—that improves performance and increases profitability—is crucial to saving both lives and the bottom line. Keeping surgical instruments cleaner and out of service for shorter time periods is the mission of Ultra Clean Systems, and is why we introduced ground-breaking TRT technology in our machines.

We are proud to offer a variety of cleaning systems and products to fit every possible need. As we continue to raise the standard in the world of ultrasonic cleaning, we are the only manufacturer to employ this technologically advanced cleaning solution. There are no other machines on the market today that clean medical instruments like Ultra Clean Systems machines. The choice is clear. Get the power to clean—get Ultra Clean!

titanium rod transducer

TRT technology promotes better cavitation than standard ultrasonics with a recommended cycle time of 8-13 minutes!

Greater energy efficiency

The titanium rod is a submersible transducer that directly injects the energy into water, eliminating the energy loss and cold spots of standard bonded transducers.

Superior cleaning

The direct-in-water, higher energy output of TRT technology increases cavitation (formation and collapse of low-pressure bubbles), providing more cleaning power.

Increased durability

The TRT slows equipment deterioration by reducing the wear and tear on moving or stressed parts.

Elimination of cold spots

Its shape and placement inside the chamber allows the TRT to radiate energy in all directions, rather than upward in a cone, the way standard bonded transducers do. This means the entire surface area of every item you place in the tank is exposed to cavitation.

Rapid cycle times

The TRT’s higher energy output means shorter recommended cycle times, from 8 to 13 minutes for lumen instruments and 15 minutes for da Vinci robotic instruments.

Cost effective

More powerful cleaning at higher quantities in less time makes our machines the best value on the market.

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Our Full Range of Ultrasonic

Cleaning Systems for Surgical Instruments

Triton Series

Designed to keep up with the hectic schedule of today’s large central sterile departments, the Triton series offers automatic lifts and large-capacity basins.

Floor Models

Our freestanding ultrasonic washers provide unparalleled quality and power at an extremely economical price.

Tabletop Models

Our affordable tabletop ultrasonic cleaners provide efficiency and convenience for smaller facilities.

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What Customers Are Saying

“Works excellent, easy to operate”

“Model 1100 works excellent. Nice that it self-fills and automatically adds enzymatic solution. Saves time & labor!”

– Model 1100 Customer  

“Our first machine from Ultra Clean…loving it”

“This is our first machine from Ultra Clean and we are loving it so far! Best feature is its large capacity and the option of the daVinci trays.”

– Triton 72 Customer

“Great features”

“The ultrasonic cleaner from Ultra Clean Systems greatly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of our instrument cleaning process.”

– Model 1100 Customer

“I like the technology and features”

“I like the technology, how it drops down and comes up to make loading and unloading the machine easier. All the features are great; I can’t think of any other features we need.”

– Triton 36 Customer