Ultrasonic Cleaner Validation


Cleaning Process Verification Software

A number of organizations responsible for setting industry standards are moving closer to establishing guidelines for testing, validating, verifying, and documenting the surgical instrument cleaning process. Be prepared by adding UCS-Verify to your Ultra Clean Systems ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Currently, the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) recommends weekly, and preferably daily, verification of cleaning processes. Our UCS-Verify software records process verification data, including wash cycle time, water temperature, ultrasonic performance, irrigation efficiency, enzymes present, and the operator ID.

This data is stored in a CSV file that is transferred from the ultrasonic cleaning machine to your computer via the UCS-Verify thumb drive. Once downloaded, the CSV file can be opened in Excel® or imported into another data visualization app. The resulting spreadsheet or data visualization is a safe and easy way to record your processes for better management of your ultrasonic cleaning cycles and staff productivity.

Features & Benefits


Facilitates accuracy by automatically documenting ultrasonic cleaning cycle data


Allows you to benchmark team and individual productivity

Minimizes Risk

Reduces the risk of errors in the ultrasonic cleaning process


Provides a documented record of whether the correct procedures were followed

Data Overview

Provides an overview of the most important machine data and allows you to spot trends or problem areas


Provides documentation of ultrasonic cleaning processes, if needed for future audit or reporting

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