Triton 72 Automatic Double Basin

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Triton 72

Automatic Double-Basin Ultrasonic Cleaning System

For large processing demands, our Triton 72 rises to the top with industry-leading productivity to keep up with today’s busiest sterile processing departments (SPDs). The Triton 72 has the largest throughput in the industry with 6 trays and 72 dedicated ports. Every Triton tray can process up to 12 lumen instruments. With our custom adapters and robotic arm cleaning system (RACS) trays, every type of da Vinci® robotic instrument can be processed, up to 10 per tray. The Triton 72 can process four complete sets of  Xi-series robotics in a 15-minute wash cycle.

This complete ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning system is user-friendly and time-saving, with automatic lifts, slide-and-lock trays, and a 10″ touchscreen that rotates left and right and swings up and down. The titanium rod transducer (TRT) technology in our Triton series ultrasonic cleaners produces more cavitational cleaning power than the standard bonded transducers, resulting in shorter cleaning times, more complete cleaning, and increased energy efficiency. For added safety, water entering the basin and recirculating after flushing instruments is treated with ultraviolet (UV) energy to deactivate bacteria and viruses.

Features & Benefits


Recommended 8- to 13-minute adjustable ultrasonic cleaning cycles, and a 15-minute dedicated da Vinci robotic instrument cleaning cycle


6-tray capacity with 72 dedicated ports for lumen instruments; holds 40 da Vinci S®/Si® and/or X®/Xi® or 16 SP® robotic instruments per cycle; excellent for facilities with 20+ ORs


Industry-exclusive TRT technology provides powerful cavitation, allowing operators to clean more instruments in less time

UV Filtration

Recirculated water from the basin passes over a UV light to deactivate bacteria and viruses flushed from lumen or robotic instruments


Easy-to-use 10″ movable touchscreen with programmable timer


Slide-and-lock trays allow easy and efficient loading, while the automatic tray elevator saves time and increases operator safety; also accepts hospital trays


Fully automatic wash, flush, internal and external rinse, and air purge


Works with the optional UCS-Verify data logging system


Tap, reverse osmosis, and deionized water compatible

  • 80-lb instrument weight capacity
  • 30-gallon capacity per basin (x2 basins)
  • 80 watts/gallon; 40kHz
  • 33-3/8″W x 49-11/16″D x 67-1/2″H (at rest, open position)
  • 208-volt wall receptacle
  • USB port

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What Customers Are Saying

“Great to have the DaVinci cycle”

“The da Vinci cycle is a great feature as well as the ability to sonic six trays at once.”

– Triton 72 Customer  

“Our first machine from Ultra Clean…loving it”

“This is our first machine from Ultra Clean…we are loving it so far! The machine works really well; I enjoy using it even for my regular instruments, not just da Vinci.”

– Triton 72 Customer

“I’ve always wanted this Triton ultrasonic cleaner”

“I’ve alwasy wanted this Triton. Our facility almost went with the competition, but ultimately chose the best option…the Triton 72 from Ultra Clean.”

– Triton 72 Customer

“I like the technology and features”

“I like the technology, how it drops down and comes up to make loading and unloading the machine easier. All the features are great; I can’t think of any other features we need.”

– Triton 36 Customer