To be successful in your sterile processing (SP) career today seems more complicated than ever. We are faced with more than simply understanding our roles thoroughly; we are in competition with outside talent who have been recruited, medical travelers, and seasoned veteran techs all vying for the same position or advancements.

Competency, hard work ethic, and years of experience no longer seem to make the cut when we look to grow. So, what is the answer here? The truth is, as a professional looking to advance today, you need to show up with a new set of skills that aren’t always thought about in order to stand out. In this article, we want to give you some ideas for self-promotion and ways to differentiate yourself online.


Self-promotion doesn’t come naturally to most. In fact, we often want to blend into the crowd, hunker down, and get the job done. For some, this may work out just fine: you can clock in and out, go home, and repeat. For the aspiring technician looking to advance in seniority, become an educator, or work outside of their department, this must look different.


First and foremost, gain clarity about the exact position you want to obtain. Have you created a map of possibilities and gotten very clear on what that role looks like for you? When you are clear on your desired future path, you need to construct the roadmap to get there. Because staying at the same facility for years on end may not move the needle any closer to that big goal, you may need to broaden your horizons.


In 2023, the opportunities to connect with professionals and find job opportunities online are endless. LinkedIn is an exceptional place to start. Even if your future path and end goals are still a bit muddy, the time to connect with other professionals has never been more vital. You will find veteran technicians, thought leaders, and multiple subject matter experts on the platform. You can start by simply interacting with the media they create and learning from their guidance. Take it one step further by commenting and interacting with them.


One important consideration is that your own profile is up to snuff. Make sure you have a headline or about section that states what position you eventually want to move into and why you are on the platform. Here are 10 fun headline options:

  1. Sterile Processing Wizard Seeking Magical Career Advancement Opportunities in Healthcare Industry
  2. Rockstar Sterile Processing Technician Ready to Amp Up Career Growth and Shine
  3. Experience + Passion = Sterile Processing Ninja Seeking Career Advancement Challenges
  4. Sterile Processing Maestro Ready to Conduct a Symphony of Career Progression in Healthcare
  5. Sterile Processing Superhero Seeking Epic Career Path in the Healthcare Universe
  6. High-Octane Sterile Processing Technician Revving Up for Professional Advancement Opportunities
  7. Sterile Processing Dynamo with an Appetite for Career Growth and Development
  8. Trailblazing Sterile Processing Enthusiast Seeking Thrilling Career Peaks in Healthcare
  9. Sterile Processing Guru Ready to Level Up and Unleash Expertise in Career Journey
  10. Unstoppable Sterile Processing Phenomenon Seeking Adventure-Filled Career Advancement Opportunities

These may seem out there, but the goal is to be known and make your desires abundantly clear to the masses. If you are not being seen where you are, make yourself visible.

Creating quality content

The next step is to start creating content. Quality content is a whole different ball game that we will broach in a separate article. For now, just know that you will create a perception and personal brand as you start creating, and that comes with great responsibility. We don’t say that to scare you, but to keep you mindful.

Social media presence and content can easily do as much harm as it does good to your career. If you are aspiring as a professional, be professional. This means you abide by the internal social media policies of whatever facility you work at. You are mindful of every photo that hits the internet from a compliance perspective and maintain a professional image.

There is a time and place for self-expression, and knowing when and where to draw the line is imperative. Your rants, cuss words, and grievances should under no circumstances be aired as dirty laundry online. It is simply not the place for it. Creating a respectful conversation is one thing, but again, time and place are important. Know yours, and align them with your bigger career goals.

Make future goals known

These few self-promotion considerations are merely scratching the surface. Just know that as you look to progress in your SP career, you will need to start connecting in a new way, presenting yourself in a professional fashion, and making your future goals known, all while being incredibly mindful of the organization you work for.

It is a tightrope walk that is worth stepping onto. Remember that in every photo pose, bold statement, and online piece of media, you are creating a professional persona that must remain in alignment with your future career goals.