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Titanium Rod Transducer (TRT) Technology

Ultra Clean Systems continues to raise the standard in the world of ultrasonic medical instrument cleaning by offering titanium rod transducer (TRT) technology. TRT technology produces a high cavitation energy output (79 watts per gallon with a frequency of 40 kHz) with a rod that sits inside the basin rather than below it, providing uniform energy distribution and eliminating cold spots. This industry-leading technology is ideal for cleaning complex instruments, including those used in laparoscopic, orthopedic, ophthalmic, and robotic surgeries.

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TRT Technology Benefits

Thanks to its surgical-grade titanium rod transducer and direct-in-water energy injection, TRT technology delivers:

  • Reduced cleaning times compared to bonded transducers
  • More cleaning power in shorter wash-cycle times than bonded transducers
  • 8- to 13-minute adjustable ultrasonic cleaning cycles
  • 15-minute da Vinci® robotic instrument cleaning cycles
  • Longer life for both cleaning equipment and instruments cleaned
  • Less maintenance, reducing machine downtime and associated costs
  • Thorough cleaning in one cycle, allowing you to keep your instrument sets together

The result? The entire surface area of every item you put into the tank is exposed to powerful TRT cavitation, enabling effective cleaning. In addition, cycle times are reduced by 5 minutes and the need for a separate degassing is eliminated in the Triton series (and is optional in other models), yielding a total time reduction of 10 minutes per cycle.

Many ultrasonic cleaning systems pass their energy from a series of surface-mounted transducers, via a bonding agent, through the metal basin, and into the water. This results in a power loss of around 20%. With TRT technology, this power loss is greatly reduced, thus the cleaning cycles are significantly shortened, allowing instruments to be readied rapidly for the next case.

With the titanium rod transducer, energy radiates in all directions, eliminating cold spots
Bonded transducers send energy upward in conical fields, leaving cold spots with reduced cavitation between them and increasing processing time

Put Your SPD in a Better Light
(UV Light, That Is)

Ultra Clean Systems’ Triton series ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaners destroy microbes early in the instrument cleaning process. Every Triton machine includes a specialized ultraviolet (UV) water treatment system that kills microorganisms through UV germicidal irradiation. This promotes safe working conditions for sterile processing department (SPD) personnel and improves patient safety.

UV light deactivates harmful microbes as water enters the basin. After flushing any lumen or robotic instruments, the water again passes over the UV light as it recirculates through the basin, killing any microbes dislodged during the cleaning process.

UV light energy reduces infection by killing bacteria and viruses. It penetrates the microbes’ cell walls and destroys their ability to reproduce. Ultra Clean Systems was the first company to bring you this important safety feature for both you and the patients you protect from infection.

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Designed to keep up with the hectic schedule of today’s large central sterile departments, the Triton series offers automatic lifts and large-capacity basins.

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