Tabletop Model Automatic Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

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Ultrasonic Cleaners

Our competitively priced tabletop ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning systems are versatile, easy to use, and perfect for smaller facilities. Place one in your existing countertop space or on our optional cart, which adds a large cabinet and two shelves for storage. They fit seamlessly into your workflow.

Both models have 12 dedicated irrigation ports, and can process lumen and nonlumen instruments simultaneously. Their touchscreen displays provide easy-to-navigate menus and a programmable timer.

Tabletop Ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaner

Model 1100


  • Adjustable 10-minute ultrasonic cleaning cycle to support manufacturers’ instructions for use (IFUs)
  • 12 dedicated irrigation ports
  • Bonded transducers
  • 12.5-lb instrument weight capacity
  • 5.75-gallon basin capacity
  • 120-volt wall receptacle
  • 32-1/2″W x 18-3/4″D x 17-9/16″H (lid open)

Tabletop Ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaner

Model 1101


  • Recommended 8- to 13-minute ultrasonic cleaning cycle; adjustable to support manufacturers’ IFUs
  • Industry-exclusive titanium rod transducer (TRT) technology provides superior cavitation, allowing operators to clean more instruments in less time
  • 12 dedicated irrigation ports
  • Capacity for up to 8 da Vinci® robotic instruments per cycle
  • 25-lb instrument weight capacity
  • 8.6-gallon basin capacity
  • 120-volt wall receptacle
  • 36-1/2″W x 28-13/16″D x 19″H (lid open)

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What Customers Are Saying

“Works excellent, easy to operate”

“Model 1100 works excellent. Nice that it self-fills and automatically adds enzymatic solution. Saves time & labor!”

– Model 1100 Customer  

“Works excellent!”

“Works excellent. It self-fills and adds enzymatic detergent automatically. Its features save time and effort.”

– Model 1101 Customer

“Great features”

Great features on the 1100. Easy-to-use display, automatic fill and degas are the best.

– Model 1100 Customer

“So simple to use”

“It is so simple to use; once you know what instruments you need to clean, it’s as easy as a push of a button.”

– Model 1101 Customer