Is your sterile processing department (SPD) suffering from shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE)? Can you find all the supplies necessary for SPD personnel to do their jobs? Are you or your employees spending too much time trying to find what you need when you need it?

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, several medical facilities we were talking to about ultrasonic cleaners mentioned they couldn’t find enough PPE for their employees. Soon, we started having problems sourcing parts and supplies for our employees to build our ultrasonic cleaners. We had to get creative to find and test substitutes that both worked and adhered to ISO 13485 standards and FDA regulations.

We’re used to sourcing and testing parts and supplies that allow us to meet specific standards and regulations. So, as more customers needed supplies, we decided to put our expertise to work for them.

When SPDs spend precious time and resources searching for an ever-changing list of necessities, patients and surgeries are affected. During the pandemic, there have been some problems with counterfeit products, so verifying authenticity and quality are paramount. We have a system in place for doing just that.

Early in the pandemic, PPE was in short supply. The rapid spread of COVID-19 caused a huge increase in demand, as well as reduced production or entire shutdowns of manufacturers and distribution networks. While early shortages have eased, productivity is still reduced in many areas and surges in COVID-19 cases are still causing lockdowns and shutdowns in some parts of the world.

More recently, materials shortages are affecting manufacturing of products like gloves and sterile wrap. Weather events and the war in Ukraine are reducing supplies of some materials, and transportation issues are slowing delivery times. Shortages of a rotating array of products are expected to continue.

SPDs cannot do without certain supplies, such as personal protective equipment, cleaning solutions, brushes, and sterile wrap. In response, we added to our product line by helping customers source PPE, from face shields and gloves to hair caps and antiskid shoe covers. Our line has evolved to include sterile wrap, single-use towels, and antifatigue floor mats.

We continue to add to our product line based on the needs of our customers. We do the research to find and supply the quality products our customers need at the best price available. If your department needs assistance, let us know.