Wire Mesh Trays

Ultra Clean Systems offers a comprehensive range of all-purpose, general-use stainless steel trays that are compatible with all of our ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning machines, as well as those from other manufacturers. They can also be used in washer-disinfectors, on tabletop workstations, and in rinsing sinks, providing rapid transport of instruments through the washing and sterilization process. These standard hospital trays come in a variety of size and configuration needs, and fit seamlessly into any sterile processing department workflow.

These high-grade, nonmagnetic, smooth mesh/perforated trays are easy to use, and feature easy-to-secure slide-and-lock lids (sold separately) that allow for quick loading and unloading. Smaller trays can sit inside larger trays during a wash cycle and be used to store subassemblies and attachments.

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Specs for the Wire Mesh Trays

  • 21" x 9.75" x 3.75" (contact our sales department for additional sizing options)
  • High-grade, polished 304 nonmagnetic stainless steel
  • Rounded corners and safety edges to prevent operator injury and damage to instruments or wraps
  • Retractable handles can be raised for easy lifting or sit flush with an optional lid
  • Optional slide-and-lock lids available separately
  • Stackable when empty, or when full and used with lids
  • DIN compliant
  • Sizes to fit all Ultra Clean Systems ultrasonic cleaners