Wash-Checks® (Red)

Wash-Checks monitors test the routine performance of washer-disinfectors in all phases of the wash process, using a test soil designed to parallel the removal of bioburden from surgical instruments, although no blood components are used in the test soil. The test soil (red patch) on these easy-to-read monitors simply disappears when the cleaning is effective. Daily monitoring of each shelf of each washer-disinfector is recommended as a machine release to ensure all machines are operating properly and cleaning efficiently. Routine monitoring of one Wash-Checks per load is also recommended. Each monitor includes a location rectangle, allowing the operator to note in what area of the tray the monitor was placed. Used monitors can be stapled to a permanent record for retention.

Order Information:
Wash-Checks (red) (50-pack) (Part # 91-0030)
Wash-Checks (red) (250-pack; 1 case) (Part # 91-0035)

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  • Easy-to-interpret results
  • No toxic components or blood pathogens
  • Low-cost for daily monitoring
  • Location rectangle for marking placement in tray
  • Easily retained in permanent records
  • Monitor packs show lot number and shelf life (18-month shelf life)
  • Complies with AAMI and AORN guidelines



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