Wash-Checks® U (Blue)

Wash-Checks U monitors are a safe and effective tool to verify your ultrasonic cleaning system’s cleaning power and test its processes, from cycle time and temperature to detergent concentration and cavitation. Removal of all test soil, which is designed to mimic removal of bioburden from processed instruments, shows effective cleaning. Effective cleaning can lower the risk of spreading infection, and lower your healthcare facility’s costs. Daily machine release and routine load release monitoring are recommended. Simply place a Wash-Checks U strip in a Wash-Checks U holder, place it in a tray, and run a cycle, then staple the resulting test to a permanent record for retention in case of future audit.

Order Information:
Wash-Checks U (blue) (50-pack) (Part # 91-0010)
Wash-Checks U (blue) (250-pack; 1 case) (Part # 91-0015)

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  • Easy-to-interpret results
  • No toxic components or blood pathogens
  • Low-cost for daily monitoring
  • Easily retained in permanent records
  • Monitor packs show lot number and shelf life (18-month shelf life)
  • Complies with AAMI and AORN guidelines



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