Sanizyme is a three-enzyme, proprietary blend that safely and effectively removes organic matter from your valuable surgical instruments. This special low-foaming formula is ideal for ultrasonic cleaners, washers, and other automated equipment. It provides extra cleaning potential at lower temperatures, and is designed for challenging soils or when shorter contact/soak times are required. The fast-acting power of Sanizyme removes blood, protein, and even the toughest bioburden while preventing corrosion and deposit build-up. That makes it the most cost-effective solution for your reprocessing needs. Recommended dosing is from 0.25 ounces to 1 ounce per gallon.

Order Information:
1 gallon, 4-pack (Part # 92-0004)
2.5 gallon (Part # 92-0000)
5 gallon (Part # 92-0005)
15 gallon (Part # 92-0010)
30 gallon (Part # 92-0030)

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Triple enzymatic: A proprietary blend of protease, amylase, and lipase enzymes.

100% biodegradable: Contains no phosphates, chlorides, or hydroxides.

Rust inhibitor: Prevents corrosion and rust.

Neutral pH: Safe for instruments, metal, plastic, rubber, and corrugated tubing.

Chelated: Protects from minerals in water, avoiding deposit build-up where bacteria can hide.

Protects the machine: Reduces maintenance downtime and costs.


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