1101 da Vinci® SP® Robotic Instrument Tray

Da Vinci SP robotic instruments are reprocessed in the Model 1101 ultrasonic cleaning system using the Ultra Clean Systems robotics tray with SP dual-port adapters. The robotics tray has 12 dedicated irrigation ports, and can process up to 4 da Vinci SP instruments in each cycle. The tray comes with 4 SP adapters. If you need a faster turnaround of your da Vinci robotic instruments or need to process multiple types, but aren’t ready for a larger or additional machine yet, adding this tray could solve your problem.

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Specs for the 1101 da Vinci SP Robotic Instrument Tray

  • 29" x 10.75" x 4"
  • 12 irrigation ports
  • Set of 4 adapters included
  • Fits Model 1101 ultrasonic cleaning system