About Ultra Clean Systems


Providing healthcare facilities with better, more reliable ultrasonic cleaners for their
sterile processing departments since 1999


Our Story

How We Got Here

We have succeeded by working hard to offer the most innovative, versatile, timesaving, and energy-efficient ultrasonic cleaning systems in the medical industry. We firmly believe that patient and technician safety come first. We engineer, manufacture, and service our products with that mindset daily. That philosophy has kept us innovating and expanding for more than 20 years.


The Beginning

Founded in Florida in 1999, we were the first company to design an ultrasonic cleaning system that allowed technicians to clean 12 lumen instruments at a time by connecting them to a manifold in a tray, rather than sticking their hands in the filled basin to connect them to or disconnect them from the machine itself. Ultra Clean also was the first to use a mirror-finish basin to reflect ultrasonic waves more efficiently, and the first to produce a dual-process ultrasonic cleaner, with both irrigation and nonirrigation processes in the same basin at the same time.


Cleaning Robotics

In 2001, we engineered a dual-basin ultrasonic cleaner, providing completely independent cleaning cycles in a single system. As the field of robotic surgery expanded in the 2000s, Ultra Clean Systems became the first company with a Robotic Arm Cleaning System (RACS), designed to flush the ports of da Vinci® robotic instruments.


TRT Technology

In 2011, we were the first in our industry to incorporate high-powered titanium rod transducers (TRTs) in our machines to provide an even dispersion of ultrasonic energy. Our in-basin rod transducers provide more rapid and thorough cleaning with less stress on the machine, increasing the energy efficiency and life expectancy of the unit. TRT technology allowed us to shrink our machines’ width, critical when wide spaces are at a premium in SPDs.


Increasing Capacity

To help sterile processing departments increase their productivity, flexibility, and cleaning capacity, in 2012, we developed a fully automatic, dual-basin cleaning system capable of processing four trays of instruments simultaneously—two sets of two trays independently. The same year, we added an optional paperless cleaning verification program, UCS-Verify.


Da Vinci Validation

We introduced the Triton 36 in 2014, our first ultrasonic cleaner to be fully validated by Intuitive Surgical® to clean two sets of da Vinci Xi® robotic instruments simultaneously in 15 minutes. The system can clean any da Vinci robotic instrument. The machine also includes an industry-first ultraviolet (UV) water filtration system, designed to deactivate bacterial matter and kill microorganisms through ultraviolet irradiation, making both patients and SPD personnel safer.


Highest Throughput

Two years later, our Triton 72 received full validation from Intuitive Surgical to clean all da Vinci robotic instruments in a 15-minute cleaning cycle. This TRT-enabled system has the highest throughput available, with the ability to process 72 lumen instruments in a single cycle using two independently operable basins.


Acquisition and New Challenges

Advancements in medicine and medical equipment happen almost daily. Ultra Clean Systems was aquired by Getinge in the spring of 2023. Under the Getinge umbrella, we will continue to meet new challenges and make advancements in surgical instrument cleaning, from better cleaning solutions to more efficiency in cleaning. Around here, we say that at some time, everyone is going to have a procedure and we all want to make sure those instruments are clean.

Cleaner, Faster, Smarter—it is our promise to you.

Our Commitment to Quality

As a leader in sterile processing, Ultra Clean Systems is committed to quality with every machine, every time. A US Occupational Safety and Health Administration nationally recognized testing lab certifies each part we use, for maximum safety in hospital environments. Additionally, our ultrasonic cleaners are proudly made in the USA by our own highly skilled craftspeople.

Our commitment doesn’t end with the build process. We understand that your time is valuable, so we take the time to rigorously test every machine before it leaves our facility. Then, we work to support you, the buyer, and your machine once it is on its way to you.

Since 1999, we have led the industry with efficient designs that provide the most throughput while enhancing patient safety. We adhere to the ISO 13485 medical devices standards, which are reflected in the quality of our products and services.